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Range of services

The specialized breast diagnostics under the direction of Dr. In addition to digital x-ray examinations, specialized 3D sonography and elastography, Duda offers gentle, precise, minimally invasive diagnostic diagnostics controlled by imaging processes. Magnetic resonance tomography of the breast is used in accordance with the guidelines for extended diagnostics. In close cooperation with the Institute of Pathology under the direction of Prof. Moll. the result of tissue sampling is available the next day. In this way, the time of uncertainty for women in the event of a conspicuous examination finding can be reduced to a minimum.

In the clinic of Prof. Dr. Uwe Wagner, more than 350 women with first illness are operated on every year. The surgical spectrum of four proven breast surgeons (Prof. Wagner, Dr. Hoffmann, Mrs. Dr. Köhler, Dr. Kalder, Dr. Zwiorek) at the center focuses on maximum oncological safety, taking into account the individual circumstances, the preferences and the wishes of the patients. Sentinel lymph node biopsy and a range of different surgical techniques for breast preservation are standard, as are special techniques for reconstructive breast surgery after breast removal, including the transplantation of autologous tissue (latissimus or TRAM flaps).

The close cooperation with the mammography screening offered in the region since 2006 under the direction of Dr. Karin Bock and the close cooperation with the resident gynecologists has significantly increased the proportion of previously diagnosed breast cancer cases. The “hand-in-hand management” of diagnostic and surgical competence is reflected in the high proportion of breast-conserving operations (80% of tumors smaller than 2 cm).

Special consultation hours at the Breast Center Regio round off the concept of individual advice. In addition to joint decision-making for an individually tailored, optimal treatment of patients, the Breast Center Regio offers not only somatic, but also mental and spiritual care. Ms. Janssen and Ms. Döring, as specialized nurses for the care of breast cancer patients, inform and support the patients at the bedside. Psycho-oncological care and support is provided in cooperation with the Clinic for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy under the direction of Dr. Beate Kolb-Niemann. Ms. Fischl-Syawash's social services team provides help in all social issues, as well as domestic support and rehabilitation, supported by Ms. Dunkelberg in all questions relating to the transfer of care. The Protestant and the Catholic pastoral care are contact persons for patients, relatives and employees. Lived spirituality is also possible for patients at the Breast Centers Regio. In addition to a Christian chapel, a Muslim prayer room is available.