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Treatment at the Anneliese Pohl Cancer Center / Comprehensive Cancer Center Marburg

Welcome to the Anneliese Pohl Cancer Center / Comprehensive Cancer Center Marburg.

The Comprehensive Cancer Center CCC is a joint facility of the University Hospital Gießen and Marburg GmbH, Marburg site, and the Philipps University of Marburg. At the CCC Marburg, a multi-professional team from research, diagnostics and therapy works with a common goal: to offer people suffering from cancer the best possible interdisciplinary care close to home based on the current state of science.

We are there for you from the initial diagnosis to aftercare and work with you to tailor our diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to suit you and your illness. Our interdisciplinary treatment concepts are based on the guidelines of the specialist societies and we offer innovative and interdisciplinary treatments.

With the help of clinical studies, we can start where established procedures reach their limits. In addition to excellent cancer treatment, it is our concern to provide you with additional offers in this difficult situation. This includes psycho-oncological care, nutritional advice, support from the social service and specialist oncological care.

We are here for you! Your CCC Marburg