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About us

Dear patient, dear relatives and co-treating colleagues,
We warmly welcome you to the Breast Center Regio of the Marburg Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC)!

Under the umbrella of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Marburg of the University Hospital Marburg, the Breast Center Regio was founded as a competence center for the teaching and science of the (female) breast (senology).

The Breast Center Regio is an interdisciplinary association of all specialists involved in the supply chain such as gynecologists, radiologists, pathologists, oncologists and medical assistants. Over 300 new cases are treated in our breast center every year. The early detection and treatment of breast diseases are quality assured and carried out in accordance with the existing guidelines. The staff is specially trained and treatment processes are optimized for the patient. This guarantees the patient suffering from the breast a high level of safety and competence.

The Breast Center Regio was the first center in Hessen to be certified in 2003 by the German Cancer Society and the German Society for Senology. Since then, there have been annual reviews by the professional associations. Our Breast Center Regio is one of the first centers in Germany and therefore a model for a large number of other breast centers throughout Germany.

The Breast Center Regio is not limited to the University Clinic in Marburg, but also consists of external cooperation partners. The partners are: 5 clinics, 6 rehabilitation clinics and 75 gynecological practices that treat the disease of their patients together and on an equal footing.

Joint multidisciplinary therapy recommendations are given to all breast cancer patients by the weekly Tumor Board, in which the cooperating clinics, including radiation therapists, hemato-oncologists, gynecologists, psycho-oncologists and radiologists in Marburg take part.

In addition to joint decision-making for an individually tailored, optimal treatment of patients, the Breast Center Regio offers not only somatic, but also mental and spiritual care.

On the following pages you will find an overview of our range of services and treatments.
Dr. med. Christine Koehler