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Cancer Registration

The tumor registry of the Comprehensive Cancer Center has the task of systematically recording the diagnoses, treatment data, side effects and results of tumor therapies. This data is used to constantly monitor the quality of our diagnostics and treatment. The quality of the diagnostics and treatment is checked, evaluated and certified once a year by external experts from OnkoZert. The result of the certification is reflected in our certified organ cancer centers.

Reporting of registry data to the Hessian State Cancer Registry

Hessian (dental) doctors are obliged to transmit information on cancer diagnosis, treatment and aftercare to the Hessian Cancer Registry (§ 4 Hessian Cancer Registry Act).

This task of the university hospital is taken on by the tumor registry, representing all the hospitals involved.

The Hessian Cancer Registry provides you with further information for patients, e.g. on the protection of your data and your rights in relation to your data. There you will also find a concise brochure with all the important points.

If you wish to make use of your right of objection, please contact us directly and send an informal letter to the trustee of the Hessian State Cancer Register.