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Hessian oncology concept (HOK)

Hessian oncology concept
For better care for tumor patients
With the implementation of the new version of the Hessian oncology concept in 2010 by the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration, the legal framework for improved local medical care for cancer patients was decided in Hesse. This is based on the specifications of the National Cancer Plan of the Federal Ministry of Health. The following goals were defined for the Hessian oncology concept:

  • Comprehensive, high-quality care for the population suffering from cancer
  • Alignment of care to the individual needs of oncological patients
  • Establishment of regional and supra-regional cooperation structures
  • Appropriate aftercare following the treatment

To implement the goals, coordinating hospitals were appointed by the six supply areas in Hesse (please include image -> image). They are tasked with ensuring comprehensive oncological patient care and ensuring that it is up-to-date and compliant with medically recognized oncological diagnostics and therapy in accordance with the latest scientific and research developments (e.g. quality standards of the Federal Joint Committee, guidelines of the medical societies, studies).

As competence centers, coordinating hospitals cover the entire spectrum of current evidence-based oncological care. Depending on the regional characteristics of the supply areas, cooperating hospitals and established oncological and specialist medical practices take part in the cooperation networks. As a group, they maintain comprehensive patient care.

Gießen-Marburg supply area
The Gießen-Marburg supply area extends over several districts; you can find an overview on the network's homepage.
As coordinating hospitals, the UKGM Marburg and Gießen sites control oncological care in the region.