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The main goal of nutrition for cancer is to provide your body with sufficient energy and nutrients, relieve symptoms and improve your quality of life.


An adapted diet can support you in every phase of the disease by:

  • better treatment response,

  • fewer side effects,

  • strengthening the immune system,

  • more strength and

  • less time in the hospital.

It is important to ensure good nutritional status and avoid weight loss so that malnutrition does not develop.

Due to the many experiences and opinions on the subject of nutrition, it is often difficult to distinguish between well-intentioned advice, misinformation and scientifically proven recommendations from professionals.

There is no diet that can specifically cure cancer, but nutrition is an important component in therapy.

Below we have put together some links to reliable and very helpful sources of information on the topic of nutrition for cancer:

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: