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Team of the CCC

Director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Wündisch
Tel.: 06421/5864761 Fax: 06421/5864762
thomas.wuendisch [at]

Office CCC Director
Gabriele Nau
Tel.: 06421/5864761 Fax: 06421/5864762
gabriele.nau [at] 

Managing Director CCC/ Head of IT / Head of Tumor Documentation
Dr. med. Martin Middeke
Tel.: 06421/58-64905 Fax: 06421/5863161
middeke [at]

Head of Qualitymanagement CCC
Yvonne Richter M.A.
Tel.: 06421/5866497 Fax: 06421/5863161
richtery [at]

Assistant to the Management
Christiane Martin
Tel.: 06421/5862729 Fax: 06421/5863161
christiane.martin [at]

Senior physician in CCC
Dr. med. Charis Faoro
Tel.: 06421/58-69490 Fax: 06421/58-63161
charis.faoro [at]

Central Study Unit

Andrea Kadlubejec
Managing Study Nurse 
Tel.: 06421-586 Fax: 06421-586

Sina Rüfler
Study Nurse 
Tel.: 06421-586 Fax: 06421-586

Study Nurse 
Tel.: 06421-586 Fax: 06421-586

Inga Stanger
Study Nurse 
Tel.: 06421-586 Fax: 06421-586

Anna Lena Stein
Study Nurse
Tel.: 06421-5864836 Fax: 06421-5862703

Tumor documentation

Antje Anna Fink
Documentation Head-Neck, Lung
Tel.: 06421/58-64794 Fax: 06421/58-63161

Sabine Fischer
Documentation Neuroonkology
Tel.: 06421/5864648 Fax: 06421/5863161

Britt Henke
Documentation Senology
Tel.: 06421/5866432

Sabine Jaeckel
Documentation Intestine, Pancreas
Tel.: 06421/58-62376 Fax: 06421/58-63161

Vera Lerch
Documentation Skin
Tel.: 06421/58-62378 Fax: 06421/58-63161

Stephanie Mank, Dipl.- Informationsw. (FH)
Data Management, Programming, first Level Support
Tel.: 06421/58-62377 Fax: 06421/58-63161

Swetlana Schmunk
Documentation Haematoonkology
Tel.: 06421/58-62375 Fax: 06421/58-63161

Specialized outpatient palliative care

Sabine Lazer
Tel.: 06421/58-64575 Fax: 06421/58-94575
sapv [at]

Kristin Raabe
Tel.: 06421/58-64575 Fax: 06421/58-94575
sapv [at]