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Comprehensive Biobank Marburg (CBBMR)

The Comprehensive Biomaterial Bank Marburg, CBBMR, is a scientific service platform (core facility) of the Faculty of Medicine at the Philipps University of Marburg and aims to build a modular, central collection of biomaterials across the various departments, the tissue and liquid samples from patients at the University Hospital Marburg collects for research purposes and makes it available for research projects at the Marburg location and in cooperating institutions.
The Marburger Biobank CBBMR has committed itself to the highest degree to safeguard the personal rights of patients who donate biomaterials to the biobank for research purposes. Biomaterials and the associated data that are required together for innovative medical research are only sent to the biobank in pseudonymised form. The data identifying the patient is pseudonymized. This means that samples and the corresponding data of a donor are not kept under the donor name, but only under a numerical and letter code in the biobank. Samples and data are only passed on to scientists under this pseudonym.

Further information can be found on the website of Comprehensive Biobank Marburg (CBBMR).