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Second opinion

Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer but would like a second opinion can contact Silvia Macedo Schmidt at the Comprehensive Cancer Center. The trained medical assistant has been working in various departments at the University Hospital in Marburg since 2016 and has been in charge of the second opinion center since February 2024.
She can be contacted on 06421-58-6776 and by email at by anyone who would like a second opinion on their diagnosis. Ms. Macedo Schmidt knows which documents are required and contacts the organ cancer center in question directly.
The multiple-eye principle is particularly important in the field of oncological diseases and can help those affected to better understand the disease and decide on the right treatment. Based on the documents submitted, a patient case is discussed here on an interdisciplinary basis, i.e. with all the specialist disciplines involved, and a treatment recommendation can be made.
If necessary, a personal presentation can also take place.

This is how you make contact:
Tel.: 06421-58-67776