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Dear patient,

From the time of diagnosis of “cancer” on, patients are in an “exceptional situation”. It is often perceived as a shock or as a "fall into the abyss" with emotional, family and professional changes.

Sadness and helplessness, fear and despair. Feelings of depression, but also anger, disappointment, loss of courage and trust can be reactions to this stressful situation. Many sufferers report states of anxiety and exhaustion, sleep disorders, depression and loss of control. We offer you and your relatives competent technical support in this life situation.

Psycho-oncological support -
Why and for what?

The aim of the psychooncological offer is to accompany and support you and your relatives in this extraordinary phase of life. It takes time to cope with this shock and regain a sense of control over the current situation in life. Even after the acute treatment, mental stress can occur again and again.

We offer an "open ear" for the topics that concern you at the moment. Your individual questions, worries and fears can first be clarified in one-on-one discussions. Together we will look for a way to promote and strengthen your personal coping options. People have personal resources and strengths that can help them deal with difficult life situations. Recognizing this and regaining quality of life is one of the goals of psychooncology.

Our offer for you:

  • Psychosocial counseling for patients and their relatives in all phases of the illness
  • Individual psychotherapeutic discussions during inpatient or outpatient treatment for patients and their relatives
  • Relaxation and visualization procedures
  • Information and needs-based brokering of further support offers in the vicinity of your home (e.g. outpatient advice centers, self-help groups, outpatient psychotherapists)

Psychooncology is part of the Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy. You can also get more information on the clinic's website.