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Specialized outpatient palliative care (SAPV)

What is SAPV?

“The specialized outpatient palliative care (SAPV) aims to maintain, promote and improve the quality of life and self-determination of seriously ill people and to give them a decent life until death in their familiar home environment, in an inpatient hospice or in an inpatient care facility to enable. The SAPV is technically competent in accordance with the generally recognized medical and nursing science findings, needs-based and economical to provide. The individual needs and wishes of the patient as well as the concerns of his or her trusted persons are the focus of the care. "(HPG, Hospice and Palliative Act of December 2015)

What does the SAPV include?

The SAPV includes in particular specialized palliative medical and palliative care advice and / or (partial) care, including the coordination of necessary care services through to comprehensive, individual support management. Multi-professionalism, 24-hour availability, seven days a week and specialist status (through further training and experience) of the individual service providers primarily active in palliative care are essential here.

SAPV in the CCC Marburg

In the OZ Marburg, the services according to SAPV are available in cooperation with the Palliative Care Team (PCT) Marburg / Hospiznetz Marburg. Further information can be found on the website of the Palliative Care Team (PCT) Marburg / Hospiznetz Marburg. For inpatients at the UKGM Marburg, the transfer to the SAPV is carried out by two coordinators if necessary. The SAPV regulation is issued by palliative care physicians.

Inpatient palliative care (palliative ward)

A palliative ward is available at the UGM Marburg for the inpatient care of patients in a palliative setting. This is under the joint management of the Clinic for Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy and the Clinic for Hematology, Oncology and Immunology. Patients who are admitted to the palliative care unit suffer from advanced disease with pronounced symptoms and usually limited life expectancy. These can be patients with cancer, with chronic neurological diseases or with chronic internal diseases, for which the focus is not on healing but on improving quality of life. The palliative care ward consists of 10 single rooms with overnight accommodation for relatives, living room, small kitchen, balcony and a room of silence. Admission takes place via other wards, from other hospitals or care facilities or from home after a referral from the attending physician. The care of the patients is carried out by an interdisciplinary, multi-professional team, which consists of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, pastors, music and art therapists and socio-medical advisors.

The common goal is to develop a holistic therapy tailored to each patient, to meet as many needs as possible and thus to achieve a stabilization of physical and mental complaints so that either continued care at home or in the hospice is possible. The last phase of life on the ward is also accompanied if discharge is no longer possible.



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