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Information for referring physicians

Dear colleagues,

appointments for prostate cancer patients are always made individually. We therefore ask you to make it easier for us to allocate an appointment by communicating the suspected diagnosis and current findings. When introducing a patient to our clinic, we ask you to inform us about relevant previous illnesses of the person concerned, for example in the form of current findings. Please give the patient a valid referral slip or referral slip. If you have an urgent request, we would ask you to give us a short phone call. For patients with statutory health insurance, you can contact us and make an appointment by registering with the urological polyclinic. For private patients via the chief secretariat of the Clinic for Urology and Pediatric Urology. If you consider it necessary to consult a medical colleague, you will be put through from there to the responsible doctor on duty.

Tumor Conference:
As a central component of a university hospital offering maximum care, at the University Clinic Gießen and Marburg, Marburg, we have the opportunity to combine extensive specialist knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment and excellent, individualized diagnostics and therapy:
We offer all care options for cancer diseases in a well-coordinated concept, from early detection to therapy and aftercare. A continuous, intensive and interdisciplinary exchange in the so-called "tumor conference" bundles the expert knowledge. Therapy recommendations for patients are made at the interdisciplinary tumor conference. All specialist areas of the Prostate Cancer Center are represented at this tumor conference, so that maximum professional competence can be made available to the patient. The special interdisciplinary tumor conference of the Prostate Cancer Center will take place on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. in the meeting room of the urological polyclinic on level -1.
Cases can also be presented externally. For this purpose, we ask you to contact the relevant specialist department. The cooperating colleagues are welcome to attend the tumor conference in person to present a case; it is also certified with 6 CME points by the State Medical Association of Hesse.

Contact Prostate Center Marburg:
Head of the center: Prof. Dr. med. R. Hofmann
Secretariat: Ms. Fischer, Ms. Wachtel
Address: Clinic for Urology and Pediatric Urology
35043 Marburg
Phone: 06421 / 58-66239
Fax: 06421-58 / 66242

Important phone numbers:
Gate: 06421/58 / 6369-1 / 2/3
Urologist on duty: 06421/58 / 6369-1 / 2/3
Urological ambulance: 06421 / 58-62555
Urological appointment scheduling operations: 06421 / 58-64475