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Range of services

The gynecological cancer center offers diagnostics, therapy and advice on gynecological cancers, including cancer of the pubic area (vulvar carcinoma), the vagina, the cervix (cervical carcinoma), the uterus (endometrial carcinoma, sarcomas), the ovaries and the fallopian tubes ( Ovarian and tube carcinoma) as well as carcinoma diseases that originate from the peritoneum (primary peritoneal carcinoma). Cell / tissue changes in the genitals, known as dysplasias, are also among the diseases that are the focus of the gynecological cancer center.
The number of women with malignant tumors treated at our center reflects our clinical experience. Numerous studies are offered that enable further innovative therapies. In order to ensure the highest possible quality of oncological care, at least one doctor with recognized specialist training in "gynecological oncology" is responsible at the operating table for every oncological operation in our clinic. Diagnosis and therapy are carried out in compliance with the applicable guidelines and taking into account the individual situation of the individual patient. The oncological therapy recommendations are determined on an interdisciplinary basis for each patient in the tumor board. The joint therapy decision, which is made by the patient together with the treating physicians at the center, is then very important. At the patient's request, trusted persons can accompany the patient to these consultations.

Studies in the therapy of gynecological malignancies
The Gynecological Cancer Center Marburg participates in numerous therapy studies for gynecological malignancies, the new therapeutic approaches of which are very promising in the treatment of ovarian, endometrial and cervical cancer. Such new therapies are not yet available outside of clinical studies. You can obtain detailed information on our study concepts from our coordination office at:
Ms. Pia Müller-Freiwald, phone: 06421-58-64437

Oncological consultation
We offer an oncological consultation in the polyclinic for personal advice and obtaining a second opinion on therapy decisions. Dr. Malin Jansen and Dr. Jelena Boekhoff. Even after therapy has been completed, e.g. B. in ovarian cancer after surgery and chemotherapy, there is the option of maintenance therapy. Here, in the context of studies, drugs are used to prevent a relapse.
Appointments in the polyclinic
(Level -1 in the mother-child center)
Phone: 06421-58-64442.

Further contacts:
Ms. Daniela Thomas, phone: 06421-58-66491

Cooperating clinics and departments for the comprehensive care and co-care of our patients as part of the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) Marburg
The best possible advice, diagnostics and therapy result from the cooperation of competent and qualified treatment partners. A cooperative network has been established at the Comprehensive Cancer Center Marburg.