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Oncological care

Specially trained oncological nurses offer you help with your individual problems with the tumor disease and support you in finding the right contact person in the further course of therapy. Our goal is to make the treatment more understandable for you, to promote independence in dealing with the therapy and to increase acceptance by introducing your own ideas and measures.

Advice on possible restrictions due to the disease or side effects of the therapy is just as important to us. If necessary, the oncological nursing staff therefore consults other specialists such as psychologists, physiotherapists or pastors. Relatives can also be included in the nursing care if requested. This will teach them to deal better with the disease.

We inform you

  • on the course of diagnostic measures
  • about possible side effects of your illness
  • about behavior in case of therapy-related side effects (such as nausea, vomiting, pain, diarrhea)
  • through self-help groups and contact addresses to help you cope with your illness

We accompany you

  • before, during and after therapeutic interventions (e.g. operations, chemotherapy, radiation therapy)

We advise you

  • e.g. for questions about nutrition and nausea, poor appetite or chronic fatigue

We'll guide you

  • in the care of wounds and in handling feeding tubes, pain pumps, stoma or drainage systems when taking medication

We are your contact

  • in referring to psycho-oncologists or social services, pastoral care, a stomatotherapist, nutritional advice or the pain clinic
  • when contacting palliative care and hospice facilities

Further information on oncological care can also be found on the website of the care service at the UKGM.