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Range of services

Intestinal consultation hours:

If you have been diagnosed with or suspected of having colon or rectal cancer, either in a medical practice or in a hospital outside of Germany, or perhaps in our clinic, you can now be admitted and looked after in our consultation hours. Here you will get the first contact with our intestinal center and our specialists, who will accompany you during the course of your therapy. The consultation hour is the first step for your information and support, but also for the coordination of the further diagnostic and therapeutic process in our intestinal center. Our system enables the linking of findings and treatment strategies collected in the clinic and in cooperating practices.

Interdisciplinary endoscopy:

A colonoscopy is usually required for preoperative diagnostics as well as for the decision on treatment options for colon and rectal cancer. If the specialists in our intestinal clinic consider it necessary and sensible, you will be examined in our interdisciplinary endoscopy, if this has not already been done.

Interdisciplinary tumor conference:

Each tumor patient is presented to a large group with experts from all subjects involved in cancer treatment. This tumor colloquium takes place twice a week. There, an individual therapy recommendation tailored to the tumor disease and the respective patient is developed. Surgeons, gastroenterologists, oncologists, radiologists, radiation therapists and pathologists are present in the tumor colloquium, colleagues from other internal and surgical departments as well as our cooperation partners from private practices also take part regularly. All patients with colon and rectal cancer are presented to the interdisciplinary tumor colloquium before the start of therapy in order to enable close cooperation between the various partners and optimal therapy planning between the various departments and the resident doctors from the start.

OR team:

Our surgeons are up to date with the latest scientific advances and have extensive experience in treating colorectal cancer patients. New and more effective surgical techniques such as minimally invasive surgery (MIS) as well as rapid postoperative rehabilitation are a seal of quality from our surgical team.

Follow-up care after bowel surgery:

Treated cancer requires appropriate follow-up care and regular check-ups. This care is carried out by your resident internist or surgeon.
All cooperation with the doctors in the hospital and the resident specialists are contractually fixed and guarantee short distances and clear treatment processes while avoiding unnecessary duplicate examinations and waiting times. This enables us to exchange information about your therapy, important findings and your clinical condition.

Radiation and chemotherapy:

If additional radiation or chemotherapy or other new forms of therapy should be necessary or useful, these can be carried out in the Clinic for Radiation Therapy and in our interdisciplinary outpatient chemotherapy (IAC) or with a resident cooperation partner. In addition, there is also the opportunity to participate in large multicenter studies in which we participate.

Comprehensive support for our patients:

From psycho-oncological care to discussing and, if necessary, treating your emotional worries to help with the care of an artificial anus or a post-operative wound, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive range of support services during the course of your therapy.